donderdag 30 december 2010

woensdag 24 november 2010


Really stuck whit this one… it is still missing… something. I just can’t point my finger on it. Any suggestions’?

dinsdag 16 november 2010

Pirate Art Yarrrrrr!

I think I made too much work of this “^^, but it was just too much fun to do.

maandag 15 november 2010

environment WIP kleur

Yeah I think it’s about finished now, going finish it now whit the presentation I made in B/W

woensdag 3 november 2010

Sky pirates 2: selling ship design

Sky pirates 2: WIP

I decided to go a whole other style, I’m kind of in a identity crisis here…
I wanted to make it realistic because I thought this is the only way to give a feeling to a art piece, it’s not… I’m going to do it cartoony, because that’s my style and I don’t care if it doesn’t looks “concept arty”, the style shouldn’t matter if you want to get feeling in your art.

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

RPG Pet contest

The anotomy was all messed up, so Eric did a paint over. Hope it’s correct now…
Only some sketches of my terrifying weapons of mass destruction :p

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Concept art: Sky pirates

These are some designs I made for the concept art class, we have to make an environment and a vehicle for Sky pirates.

vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

WIP2 RPG you and your pet

WIP1 RPG you and your pet

This is for the new GARillaz contest, transform yourself and your pet into RPG characters, define weapon design, clothes design but also what the functions are of your pet.
I choose my kitten Rumpelstiltskin as my sidekick, he is usefull for opening doors, carrying weapons, as long range attack but also for cuddling.

zondag 19 september 2010

Klik festival leader, 5 frames of fame

KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2010 Short Trailer. from klikamsterdam on Vimeo.

My friend had the honor of making a part of the Leader of the Klik! Festival, and I helped him out whit animating 5 frames of cats! Yes, cats are still awesome that’s why I choose them.
Last Wednesday we were invited to see the premiere of his movie whit lots of other big animators (although I think there big.

zaterdag 11 september 2010

Onderneem eens iets!

Translated in english -> undertake something, I think… it's a MMO for people aging 70+
Anyway, Ard Bonewald of Realgames and Game House is going to judge our presentation and will not be so kind.

These are some designs for the game..

woensdag 1 september 2010

Repelsteeltje (cats are still awsome)

This is my kitten Repelsteeltje, translated in English it is Rumpelstiltskin.
Took the advice of Eric. Not color picking the photo, but to try to guess what color it is by looking at the color picker and compare them to get the right color.

Is my fastest illustration on this level, 1.5 hour.

zondag 1 augustus 2010

Painting my parkeet

This is my parakeet Nee-san, I used a black and white sketch that I have made first semester drawing classes at the HKU.

For the coloring I had to put Nee-san in a little bird cage next to me, I don’t think he really liked to be in such a tiny cage. But it was for the greater good :P : l'art pour l'art.

vrijdag 30 juli 2010

some more designing

I am a little stuck whit the design here, I think it needs more steampunk in it.
Still don’t know what to do as a weapon…

I really wanted to mix religion and science, cause most people say that the two can’t be combined. I wanted to create a world where religion and science live in harmony, a world that has risen out of a war.

In this project I really wanted to put design in the first place instead of art, critz are always welcome to help me whit the design ‘^^

woensdag 28 juli 2010

africa-steam concept

I am trying to improve my designing skills, so I have set a new project for myself.

Just like the concept seminar I am going to combine two sorts of cultures to a new one, I choose for the African culture and the Steam punk.
This is a moodboard I have created earlier that I have used for inspiration for my designs.