zaterdag 26 juni 2010

vrijdag 25 juni 2010

now there is vacation...

A great opportunity to develop some art skills. my portfolio is dominant whit cartoony stuff, so I want to make more variation in it.

At the HKU I followed a seminar about concept art, in that seminar I created 60 thumbs of all sorts of designs for characters and environments whit the keywords “Victorian, good guy, bad guy, Turkish, Arabic, musician, water, isle, England, sea, RPG game” in mind.

Because I have some more time to spend, I wanted to work out some of these designs. I wanted to make these semi-realistic and hopefully some realistic.

donderdag 24 juni 2010

Final Cowboy gay-ish

I think Toony is the fastest way to draw for me…
Used Illustrator to create this weirdo, you could say that The Red Guy was a inspiration for creating this pic. I am really considering to animate it… what should I do? Is it still possible to get it done before the deadline? Or is it again an fail to animate. Next episode of Jo’s Art Blog will tell…

maandag 21 juni 2010

Cowboy WIP 2#

done the coloring... not quite there yet but it will get there..

WIP Cowboy 1#

This is the first sketch for the Garrilaz contest and the Monkey Brain Sunday theme, I wanted to mix the two so I could do both :P

vrijdag 18 juni 2010

selfportrait final

Well this the final design then. I waited whit posting this because it has to be a surprise for my endyear assessment, wich I had last Wednesday . I used it to present myself as a game artist, somebody who will listen to the voice of gaming and use that for their art.

The presentation went great ^^, although it was quite disappointing that they didn’t immediately recognize that this was a inspired by the painting of Arnold Böcklin T-T…

But after some google-ing they were all like “ooo….oké, funny”
But I got green for my presentation, and they said I was a real game artist :D

dinsdag 8 juni 2010

Ghoststuff stuff

I thought this was maybe interesting to post, it was a project at the Media college Amsterdam. We wanted to create a game that stimulates the creativity of the player, to do so the player has to think of the best ways to scare its victim (dirty man, glam girl and rocker). The player is boy/girl ghost that haunts the house those people life in by playing piano suddenly or moving objects or appear in front of them and stuff. They have to build up the fear those people have, in order to combine those methods of fearness.

vrijdag 4 juni 2010

selfportrait WIP#1

I was so inspired by this painting of Arnold Böcklin, that I have made my own version of the painting. But instead of a skeleton plying a violin, it’s gaming and whispering all the secrets of what it takes to be a great Game Artist… but not without consequences .

donderdag 3 juni 2010

kick off blog

jep.. I should have posted some art 'here first but I was not in the mood to post art now, so that will come whit the next post.

but here is the first official post for mine first blog.