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Davy 2 expressions

The story
Davy 1 was the first monkey that was sent into space in 1948, with a huge load of broccoli he had to keep himself alive until he would return back to earth. After long meetings and the cut down of NASA there was no money left to to led Davy 1 return to earth, they let him float away into space and lost the signal with the ship.

Davy 1 drifted away into space and was sucked into a wormhole to another galaxy. Thanks to the many broccoli he has been able to keep on his feet after 2 years his ship crashes in the atmosphere of a nearby planet, he was almost killed. The inhabitants of the planet possessed a great knowledge and 'renewed' the monkey in order to save him from death. All organs are replaced with artificial organs what made him immortal.
Because of the violent operations and radiation treatments, his body changed a lot and was mutated, after the treatment he is living under the name Davy 2. He lives peacefully on the planet and its inhabitants learns him talking, reading and writing, but they carry him also the knowledge they possess. In 2044 Davy 2 goes back to Earth to share the knowledge and thus creating a harmonious collaboration between the two worlds, but returned to Earth, however, she seems to have been completely neglected. Global warming and many nature disasters has left earth whit an apocalyptic look. Once there he meets a strange girl named Muki the vegetable thief, and continuous there his adventure.

Davy 1 is initially an ordinary stupid monkey, curious and has loose hands. In fact he was a slave to the government.

After his visit to the alien planet, he is much wiser and more intelligent. Despite the years he has studied on the planet he has preserved his animal instincts, and he occasionally does show strange behavior. He has a temperament when not understood, has a weak heart for pretty woman, And sometimes doing obsessive research. Despite the great knowledge he possesses and virtually all animal instincts disappeared, he secretly deep inside has a great desire for affection, love, compassion and friendship.

Positive points:
Inquisitive, curious, wise, diplomatic, discipline, intelligent, sincere, tenacious

Negative points:
Loose hands, short tempered, wiseacre, lonely, sullen, distrustful

Davy 2 character design

meet Davy 2, after he landed on a unknown planet where all his organs were replaced whit artificial organs and he was mutated into a whole other creature that made him immortal

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