vrijdag 30 maart 2012


I was just sketching in the train (battery’s of the laptop where dead again -_-)
And a few interesting monster like creatures came out of that, this is one sketch I have lined out.
I have no idea why it puts rocks on other smelly rocks, I still have to divine that :P thought it would be funny if it tries to hide his own poop because other creatures would find him and eat him, or something like that...
But maybe some of my followers have better creative ideas ^^

maandag 19 maart 2012

Character Design and Neuro science and Affactieve science

For a school project we have to design an experience for humans and bees (yes you read that right, also for the bees).
It would be an experience for both with a focus on narrative and play design, also humans should be aware of the ecosystem after this experience.

It is certainly a challenge because we also should reach 50,000 people and 50,000 bees.
For this project I have to write a paper, this paper is one of the parts to be judged before I get my approval to be accepted at the Master of Creative Design for Digital Cultures.

As a Character Designer, it is important that you anticipate to the emotions of the viewer/player. We do this through believable characters who show emotions that we humans ourselves can identify with. During this project I try to anticipate the "emotions" of bees, but to do so I must answer the question whether bees on their way, can experience an emotion and whether we can influence it.

For this I will be researching Neuro science and Affactieve science to perhaps be able to find a scientific explanation for emotion and also to assign it to the bees. In this way I try to capture an image of how bees see this world, feel and experience it and if there is even an emotion present in the bees.

This research will be useful not only for this project, but also for my own development as a Character Designer it will form a solid foundation.

So get ready for a little less art and a lot of Neuro science and Affactieve science :P