maandag 18 juni 2012

Tiny insects and a because

I love making photo’s of small things that most people don’t notice. When I was little I used to play with ants, I was observing them and was trying to help them (what probably wasn’t really helpful). I noticed that the ants where “milking” the greenfly’s, it was is if it where their own cow’s. So I have made a few photo’s of ants milking greenfly’s, it gives me a nostalgic feeling.

 Also I found a piece of paper with a Dutch text on it: ‘omdat’, which means ‘because’. I will leave that one open for interpretation :)

donderdag 7 juni 2012

A little big update

 A little big update here,
The past couple of months I’ve worked on a  school project “playing with bees”, we created a concept called “the Honeyshop”. This is a platform where bees and humans can connect with each other. For this project I did some research on emotions on humans, animals and insects and I did most of the artwork.

This is some of project work, I made these for my best friend. One is a portrait of her with her turtle, one is a baby turtle just hatched. That one was for her big sister whom just had a little baby girl.

These are backgrounds for the animations of the promotional movies

These are some designs of the “Honeyshop”

woensdag 6 juni 2012

Emotions and Animals

Hello again, sorry for being such a slacker in posting. But I was mainly doing my research about emotion in humans and animals, which had in result that my art-activities where inactive for some time. But I must say, my findings of my research where very interesting.

 According to doctor Bermond from the university of Amsterdam, most animals have a 'non-reflective consciousness, a consciousness without past or future. They experience only the here and now. And because an animal cannot reflect on his experiences and cannot imagine. He has no feelings and cannot suffer, is his reasoning.  

"If a human loses a child, a intense grief and suffering is followed. This is because one can imagine what life was like when the child was alive, or how empty the future would be without him. Our consciousness ensures that long after the emotional moment of the event is behind us, we can continue to experience those feelings. If a lioness her young is murdered by the new alpha male, she experiences no depression, and does not mourn the event. After several days, she even mates with the same alpha male who has killed her young. "(Neut, 2005)

We humans experience emotions more complex because our prefrontal cortex is the most developed. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for regulating and inhibiting emotions, but also allows us the opportunity to relativize and to fantasize. Furthermore, emotion is a snapshot in which man perceived reality compares with its desires, but that snapshot, we can always relive because we have the brain power to look forward and backward.

 Sorry for the peeps who liked to see some art, ill post something tomorrow :)