vrijdag 30 september 2016

Life Drawing at work #1

I want to do a life drawing session every Wednesday and Friday. Hoping to improve my art skills. In my half-hour break I ask colleagues if it's oke for them if I draw them. This was the first session :)

11th anniversary

Yesterday me and Midgie had our 11th anniversary, I quickly made him this sketch. Last year he asked me to marry him ^^

Designing with color and light with Nathan Fowkes - Homework# 2

The next homework assignement was to create interesting lighting in a 3D scene in Maya from Puss In Boots the movie or How To Train Your Dragon. This scene has no colors, no lighting, onley the 3D models are visable. there had to be a cool light and a warm light in the scene.

after seeing the next lesson, I realized I had a lot more to learn...When Nathan did a example of how the lighting could be done... I felt like a retard :P but this is how we learn and grow. I hope that after 5 years I can say:"Wow my work sucked then, but I've improved so much now!"

Designing with color and light with Nathan Fowkes - Homework# 1 the rest of it

Three more studies,sadly enough I don't know the names of the original artists :(