vrijdag 17 maart 2017

Meet the Artist

I also did a "Meet the Artist" :P
was fun to do, although there are a lot of stuff that I hate that didn't get into the list :')
just because I don't want people to think that I hate everything in the whole world...

donderdag 16 maart 2017


Did some more studies, one more city scape like, and two from the show Samurai Jack.

maandag 13 maart 2017


I have studied the work of Vivien bertin. a lot of atmospheres in his work

have also done a quick study from concept art which was created for Princess and the Frog

vrijdag 10 maart 2017

study: eduardo berazaluce

This is a study of the work from eduardo berazaluce. Loved his color choice and composition. did not put the bear in there :P wanted to keep it quick

donderdag 9 maart 2017

Study: Nathan Fowkes Rio

I just love how Nathan Fowkes uses colors. so I did a study on his work for Rio 2

woensdag 1 maart 2017

Study Eyvind Earle

I love Eyvind Earle's work. what he did for Sleeping Beauty and Lady and the Tramp. such beautiful colors and appealing style. just love how he makes those trees. so I wanted to study his work, learn from it :)